Plot 2D views of the iris datasetΒΆ

Plot a simple scatter plot of 2 features of the iris dataset.

Note that more elaborate visualization of this dataset is detailed in the Statistics in Python chapter.

plot iris scatter
# Load the data
from sklearn.datasets import load_iris
iris = load_iris()
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# The indices of the features that we are plotting
x_index = 0
y_index = 1
# this formatter will label the colorbar with the correct target names
formatter = plt.FuncFormatter(lambda i, *args: iris.target_names[int(i)])
plt.figure(figsize=(5, 4))
plt.scatter(iris.data[:, x_index], iris.data[:, y_index], c=iris.target)
plt.colorbar(ticks=[0, 1, 2], format=formatter)

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