Plotting simple quantities of a pandas dataframeΒΆ

This example loads from a CSV file data with mixed numerical and categorical entries, and plots a few quantities, separately for females and males, thanks to the pandas integrated plotting tool (that uses matplotlib behind the scene).

See http://pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/stable/visualization.html

  • Female, Male
  • plot pandas
  • plot pandas
import pandas
data = pandas.read_csv("brain_size.csv", sep=";", na_values=".")
# Box plots of different columns for each gender
groupby_gender = data.groupby("Gender")
groupby_gender.boxplot(column=["FSIQ", "VIQ", "PIQ"])
from pandas import plotting
# Scatter matrices for different columns
plotting.scatter_matrix(data[["Weight", "Height", "MRI_Count"]])
plotting.scatter_matrix(data[["PIQ", "VIQ", "FSIQ"]])
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

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